Canned sweet corn kernels
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Lentils - Argentina
Item: Whole lentils, brown
Caliber: 5 to 7 mm
Foreign matter: max. 0.5%
Damaged grains: max. 1.0%
Slightly defective grains: max. 3.0%
Packing: PP bags
Net weight: 25 net
Origin: Argentina
Canned fish and seafood Pescamar from Spain
Official importer for Bulgaria of:
It is believed that the lentils appeared originally in Central Asia, and has been used since prehistoric times. It was one of the first foods that were cultivated. Currently leading producers of lentils are India, Turkey, Canada, China and Syria.

Parallax 999 Ltd. imports green and brown lentils from Canada and Argentina.

Specifications for the lentils that our company imports:
Lentils Laird - Canada

Item: Whole lentils, green
Caliber: 7mm +
Different color: 0.4%
Peeled, split, split: 0.2%
Other damaged kernels: 0.1%
Total damaged kernels: 0.3%
Foreign matters: None
Moisture: 11.9%
Packing: PP bags
Net Weight: 100 lbs (45.360 kg)
Origin: Canada
Lentils Lentils Lentils Lentils Lentils Lentils