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Desiccated coconuts
Canned sweet corn kernels
Tuna fish from Spain
Parallax is a direct importer of desiccated coconuts for the confectionery industry.

Desiccated coconuts are made from ground
and dried fresh coconuts. Broadly
used in Indian cuisine, they are
snow-white, naturally sweet and with saturated
coconut aroma. The desiccated cocnuts are
convenient substitute for fresh coco in many recipes.
Desiccated coconuts can be
added to яmoothies, muesli or used
in cakes, energy blocks and raw desserts.
They are also suitable for decoration - just sprinkle
them on fruit salads or ice cream.

Desccated coconuts for the confectionary industry

Item: Desiccated coconuts low fat and high fat
Fat: minimun 40% (low fat) and minimum 67% (high fat)
Sizes: Fine and Medium
Packaging: 25kg paper multilayer bags
Origin: Sri Lanka

Average nutritional values ??in 100 g - high fat DC
Energy: 700 Kcal
Fat: 68 g, of which saturated fatty acids 63 g
Carbohydrates (excluding fiber): 7.3 g, including sugars 7.3 g
Fiber (fiber): 16 g
Proteins: 6.8 g
Salt: 0.09 g

Average nutritional values ??in 100 g - low fat DC
Energy value: 519 Kcal
Fat: 43 g, of which saturated fatty acids 40 g
Carbohydrates (excluding fiber): 6.6 g, including sugars 6.6 g
Fiber (fiber): 42 g
Proteins: 5.4 g
Salt: 0.05 g