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Canned sweet corn kernels
Canned fresh  green peas
Canned fish and seafood Pescamar from Spain
Peanuts in shell

Article: Peanuts in shell - fresh  

Packing: РР bags

Net weight: 30 kg. net

Origin: China or Egypt
The company imports various kinds of peanuts - raw peanuts for roasting, raw peanuts for confectionary industry, peanuts in shell, roasted peanuts.
The import is from China and Argentina.
Peanut kernels, raw, for roasting

Item: Fresh raw peanut kernels

Caliber: 40-50, 50-60 or 60-70 

Packing: 25kg net PP double bags, vacuum, with oxygen absorbator

Origin: China
Фъстъци Фъстъци Фъстъци
Peanuts kernels, raw, for the confectionary industry

Item: Fresh raw peanut kernels

Calibers: 50/60 and 60/70

Packing: 25kgs gross for net PP bags

Origin: Argentina
Фъстъци за сладкарската промишленост
Fried peanut kernels - bulk

Item: Fried peanut kernels, peeled

Packing: 2 Х 12.5kgs РР vacuum bags with oxygen absorbent and in carton

Net weight of the carton: 25kgs

Origin: China
Пържени фъстъци Фъстъци с черупка