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Sesame seed
Our company is a well-established importer and wholesaler of hulled and natural sesame seed from India, Nigeria and Sudan.

Susame seed is used for food, medical, confectionery and others; sesame oil - in pharmaceutical practice as a solvent for vitamins and other preparations.

Sesame seed is a popular and valued since ancient times. It was used mainly in cooking and medicine. Before use sesame seeds usually roast. Sprinkled on breads, cakes, same as poppy, it is used for preparing tahini halva. Has a beneficial effect for pregnant women and young children because it contains nutrients, especially folic acid. There are two main types of sesame seeds - white and black. Both are used in Asian cuisine, mostly for breading and tampering with salads and fish dishes.
Canned sweet corn kernels
White sesame seed hulled
- Mechanically hulled, machine-dried
- No chemicals used to peel sesame (peeling by water)
- Purity: Sortex from 99.95% to 99.99%
- Impurities: from 0.05% to 0.01%
- FFA: maximum 1%
- Humidity: 4-6%
- Oil content: minimum 48%
- Packaging: 25kg multilayer paper bags
- Origin: India (Gujarat), Nigeria, Sudan
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